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The Diercke Globe is now availabe as full version. Now you can create and store, for example scenarios and screenshots, online. The scenarios stored via the menu item "Scenarios" are easily accessible from any computer with Diercke Globe installed. Simply log in with your user name and password. Furthermore, the transparency button contains an icon for "additional material" providing direct access with just one click to the corresponding map and related material on www.diercke.com.

Download the client software for Diercke Globe. Double-click on the file DierckeGlobusOnline.exe to start setup. Follow the instructions. After setup is complete you can start Globe using the shortcut on your desktop. Alternatively, select Start > Programs > Diercke Globe -> Start Diercke Globe. To use the program, you have to enter your Diercke Premium user name and your password. This dialogue can be suppressed by checking the "Do not show this dialogue in future" check box. Diercke Globe saves your user name and password so that you do not have to enter it each time you use the program.

Upon start, the software automatically checks for updates that include new functionalities and features. This ensures that you always have the latest version of Diercke Globe.

Upon start of the Diercke Globe a physical map of the earth appears on the screen. You can zoom in to an altitude of 40 km, which offers completely new views and impressions of the earth's surface. This feature is thanks to a new map with a resolution that is 100 times higher compared to the previous one.

An important feature of the Diercke Globe is the possibility to change the viewing angle in addtion to the vertical view. This allows to create a 3-dimensional view with a perspectively visual effect of the selected section.

But not only the physical map has been reworked completely. Also the satellite map has been redesigned in higher resolution.

With a maximum radius of 15 x 15 m per pixel, both urban and rural settlements as well as many major transport infrastructures can be displayed.

Needless to say, also the satellite map can be displayed in 3D.

With the control panel you can turn 360 degrees.

Probably the most fascinating innovation of the Diercke Globe is the ability to display the maps of the Diercke International Atlas on a virtual globe and create a 3D view out of the book's map.

Via a special menu item the maps are layed comfortably over the globe so that a direct comparison between the map view and the satellite image or the physical globe is possible.

System Requirements
IBM or compatible personal computer
Microsoft Windows™ XP™ and Vista™, Pentium™, minimum requirements 1.5 GHz, 512 MB RAM, graphics card with at least 64 MByte RAM (OpenGL support and latest driver from manufacturer required), between 500 MB (minimum) and 2 GByte (maximum) hard drive space for swap files or cache, Internet connection with DSL 1000 or higher, 2-button mouse with scrolling wheel


Diercke Globe

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