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The Ruhr circa 1960

from 978-3-14-100790-9 from page 53 fig. 4
Diercke Karte The Ruhr circa 1960
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The Ruhr circa 1960
The coal crisis in the Ruhr Area began in 1958. The 1960 map shows the Ruhr Area at the start of the ensuing phase of structural adjustment, which was made more intensive by the region"s one-sided economic structure.

Comparison to 1840
In comparison to 1840, a northward migration and a consolidation of coal mining locations are clearly visible. Site consolidation has also taken place in iron and steel manufacture. The area of settlement has expanded considerably in comparison to 1840, and the infrastructure has been developed. In the framework of further industrialization, numerous sites have come into existence in association with the industries of the second wave of industrialization (especially chemicals) after 1840. Among other things, the continuous development of this location is connected with the oil pipelines to the seaports of Rotterdam and Wilhelmshaven. In addition, numerous power station sites have come into existence.
E. Michel¸ Ü: John Attfield

Keywords: coal and steel region Germany mining North Rhine-Westphalia old industrial region Ruhr Area secondary sector

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